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Sewing & Dressmaking

The objective of the course is to make (and perhaps re-make) at least one or two garments that fit you perfectly and that you will be proud to wear.

You will need to bring a pattern and some fabric, preferably a non-stretch fabric if you are a beginner, and you will need to make sure that your pattern is appropriate to the type of fabric that you want to work on. (Stretch or silky fabrics can be harder to manage; it is easier to learn with a simple pattern and fabric, maybe a cotton or lightweight wool, or a mixed fibre fabric with good “drape”.)

If you are more experienced, then please bring whichever fabric you would like to work on. If possible, bring your own sewing machine; it's much easier and more practical to use your own machine, but there will be a spare machine or two if required. You will also need to bring any “notions” that are listed on the back of your paper pattern, i.e. zips, buttons, lining, interfacing etc. A basic sewing kit would be useful; thread, scissors, needles, pins and a tape measure. There will be some items available to borrow if you need them.

Your tutor can teach you how to make your garment or garments of choice in a friendly and creative environment. You could also bring something that doesn't quite work for some reason, and we can help to give it a new lease of life. As you will see from some of the images in your tutor's sample work below, with a bit of creative thinking all sorts of fabric can be re-purposed to great effect. 

To join this workshop you don't need any experience of sewing as we can start from scratch, but if you are more experienced your tutor can help with tips and general fitting etc.

Do come and join us, learn a new skill, have some fun and a chat and make at least one beautiful item of clothing that's just as you want it to be and actually fits you.

The cost of this course is between £410.00 and £435.00 depending on the accommodation chosen.

The course tutor is ToBe Confirmed

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