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Bargello Quilts

This course is suitable for enthusiastic beginners with a basic sewing knowledge, as well as those with more experience who wish to explore this particular patchwork technique.

Bargello Quilts are all about Colour – using coordinating and contrasting colours to create waves, curves and twists within the designs.

Creating Bargello quilts is deceptively simple, but requires detailed preparation to get the colours to create the flowing patterns. “Somewhere...” uses 20 colours through a rainbow spectrum; “Bali Dawn uses only 5 contrasting colours; and “Nebula” uses 20 coordinating colours.

The 3 day intensive course will look at how to choose the colours and place them to create the flowing designs. There is a lot of rotary cutting and ¼” seaming involved, so a good way to practice and improve these skills. The course will teach how to cut, stitch and re-cut the fabrics to produce the Bargello patterns.  Throughout the course you will work at your own speed and with individual attention as required. In the 3 days you should complete the quilt top, layer with wadding and quilt the design. I will guide you through choosing quilting patterns to enhance your Bargello design. The larger designs take longer to produce, so quilting may need to be completed at home after the course.

Bali Dawn Catherine Wheel Somewhere
Bali Dawn 36" x 33" Catherine Wheel 33" diameter
Somewhere ... 46" x 35"

You will need to bring with you a sewing machine and general sewing and cutting equipment. Please bring Rotary cutting equipment – Large Self healing cutting mat/rotary cutter/acrylic cutting ruler. Your tutor will supply in advance a full workshop requirements list regarding how much fabric to bring, but your choice of colours makes the work your own design. Depending on availability at the time, some fabrics as well as general patchwork supplies will be available for purchase.

The cost of this course including accommodation is between £420.00 and £445.00 depending on your choice of room.

The course tutor is Liz Musselwhite

There are places available on this course.

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