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Painting & Drawing

The course is ideal for both beginners and experienced artists wanting to learn a looser method of painting. The drawing is done with the brush so there is no need to fear the drawing process, which can put off those new to painting. The atmosphere is relaxed, fun and informative.

With Brian's techniques it is possible to paint pictures like this in as little as 10 minutes.
The aim of the first day is to get you used to using all the brushes and knives and creating your first painting in oils. We will use water soluble oils so no smells with these. The first painting is a flower picture on oil paper which helps to make the flowers in oils look better, but you can use a canvas if you wish to bring your own. This is a medium-size picture. There will be practice time for leaves and flowers before we paint the picture, all following the tutor as he paints along with you.
floral painting
We will paint two landscape pictures that are complete on their own but can be put together to produce one painting. They can also be swapped around so they work at both ends. We are using Alkid oils that dry quickly but are like the water soluble oils - light fast so will last for years. With these paints we use white spirit to clean the brushes.

Acrylics are used to create a landscape painting using layers with this fast drying medium. You will be shown how to make a stay-wet palette and how to care for your brushes. There is a building in the distance in this painting to add to the depth and give scale to the scene. A demonstration to teach a little on perspective to give the building a three dimensional feel.

You may bring your own materials, but it is often better if everyone is using the same tools. So, to encourage this, for only £30 your tutor will provide a package of the materials needed for the whole course (which will include a free 'Bob Ross' painting knife worth £10.99).

The cost of this course including accommodation is between £420.00 and £445.00 depending on your choice of room, plus an optional £30 for the package of materials.

The course tutor is Brian Dicker

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